Water Chillers are used for various applications in differnt industries including Foundries, Machine Tools, Plastics, Chemicals, etc. Our Compact Super Chiller series are available in both air-cooled and water cooled versions.They are designed and manufactured with the latest engineering expertise, so that these units maintain precise temperature as per process requirements year round.

Compact Super Chiller units are completely factory assembled, wired, tested and shipped as a single package ready for installation. They can be charged with either refrigerant R-22, R-134a or R-407C as per the customer requirement. These units are equipped with microprocessor based temperature controller.

Chillers are available from 0.5 TR to 100 TR in capacity.

The System features single as well as multiple refrigreant circuits. Multiple circuits are completely separate where-in each circuit operates independently ensuring a residual service in case of fault in one of the circuits and for maximum energy efficiency during part load conditions. The combination of Hermetic Compressors and Brazed PHE's of the latest generation offer high energy efficiency there by saving on power cost.