The Frank oil free air compressor manufacturers is a heavy duty piston compressor designed to operate long hours suitable for industries that range from medical to food and electronics. Our single stage air free compressors head uses an aluminum alloy and ventilated rib to improve radiation.

Our robust and functional design has provided many users with a dependable and efficient compressed air supply. Only top quality materials and the latest technologies are used when designing and manufacturing FRANK oil free air compressor precisely manufactured to the smallest tolerance on Modern cnc machine.

The Components are carefully selected assuring quality and reliability .Moreover installation and maintenance is kept very simple. A high efficiency cooling fan is designed to deliver a high cooling flow at low noise level.

Drainage from oil lubricated piston compressors refuses proper treatment as it contains oil .Oil free compressors on the other hand are eco-friendly, their drain in clean and does not contain oil, therefore avoiding the rust of drain disposal.