Compressed air is a type of clean and environmental friend energy. Frank's goal is to make these of this energy easier by proposing solution and Systems that are the result of a careful analysis of the needs of all potential users, distributors and their satisfication. We have widened and completed our range of air compressors and accessories for aimed solutions.

Rotary Screw Air Compressor

  • Screw airend imported from Germany
  • Intelligent Micro Computer Controller
  • Three Stage air oil separator
  • Low Specific power Consumption
  • Less noise level and ease of maintenance

Advanced Imported Screw Airend

Advanced rotary screw technology, equipped with high efficiency imported rotary screw airend powered by efficient electric motor and poly-v belt transmission.

Micro Computer Control System

Intelligent micro computer control system. The LCD can show present temperature, working pressure, accumulative working time, malfunction, etc.

Energy efficient combination cooler

Cool combined air passes through cabinet passages taking away heat from hot parts like airend, electric motor, oiltank, separator and leaves cabinet through combination cooler.

Spin on Three Stage Separator

Service & maintenance are made extremely simple through spin on three stage separator and convenient location of oil receiver, oilfilters and air oil separator user friendly from servicing point of view.

Quiet Operation

Oversized, high efficiency cooling fan provides sound levels as low as 70 dba. After pressing stop botton, compressor runs idle for 30 seconds before stopping ensuring that compressor never stop in load condition and reduces system temperature gradually.